The Isolator.This was designed by science-fiction pioneer Hugi Gernsbeck in 1925 to keep the mind focused on reading and writing. All distractions are reduced, for the device renders the wearer deaf, pipes them full of oxygen, and allows only one line of text to be seen through a horizontal slit.


- David Karp (via australiandilf)

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"Enamorarse sabiendo que todo está perdido y no hay ninguna esperanza."

- José Emilio Pacheco.  (via elocuenciaa)

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Currently on view in the Resource Center, “Occupied Territory: A New Museum Trilogy examines three exhibitions that were held at the New Museum in 1993: “In Transit,” “The Final Frontier,” and “Trade Routes.” Under the umbrella of the title “Occupied Territory,” the thematic exhibitions were originally organized in response to the unsettling climate of globalization in the early 1990s.

Discover artist proposals, conversation transcripts, exhibition research materials, and installation shots from the original exhibitions on the New Museum Digital Archives.  “Occupied Territory: A New Museum Trilogy is on view in the Fifth Floor Resource Center, now through April 14, 2014.

Images (top to bottom): “Occupied Territory: A New Museum Trilogy,” 2014. Exhibition view at the New Museum, New York.  Photo: Jesse Untracht-Oakner; José Antonio Hernández-Diez, San Guinefort, 1991. Exhibition view, “The Final Frontier,” 1993. Photo: Fred Scrutin

"You’re a different human being to everybody you meet."

- Chuck Palahniuk  (via suspend)

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"Sometimes you love a record or a song. Or sometimes you don’t even love it, you just play it and it feels like she knows what you’re feeling or thinking. This song [Mad Sounds] it’s about those “mad sounds” that seem to understand you"

- Alex Turner - Interview for Blitz Portugal September 2013 (via high-green)

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Flashback: 1998 Boston, New York City, Baltimore and Berlin.

paraSITE by Michael Rakowitz. Transportable shelters designed to meet the homeless’needs with low budget. Conveying a political and social statement.

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David Hammons - Bli-zaard Ball Sale (1983)

"The photos portraying Hammons with his neatly arranged rows of snowballs for sale are probably the most frequently reproduced images in the artist’s oeuvre. The piece has become iconic, the single ephemeral work – a work that is essentially about ephemerality – that has come to stand for his entire practice.”

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